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Which register stores the result of ALU operation ? Data Register, Instruction Register, Data Address Register, Accumulator Register
Which device can serve as both input and output device ? Printer, Scanner , Tele Printer, Mouse
Which of the following is a part of CPU ? ALU, BIOS, ROM, RAM
Which of the following is NOT an anti-Virus software ? Thunder byte, Mcafee, Norton, AVG
Computer memory is measure in term of ------ : Bits, Bytes, Baud, Baud Width
Device are used for communication with the computer : CPU, OUT PUT, Input / Out put, InPut
The capacity of data communication system is called : Baud width, Weightage, Capacity, Baud
The OSI Model consists of ------- layers : 5, 6, 8, 7
Which communication media provided high quality transmission at very high speed : Telephones lines, Fiber Optics, Coaxial Cable, Satellites
The use of computer in education started in ------ : 1967 AD , 1970 AD , 1971 AD , 1972 AD
What does a data bus carry ? Data, Data and Instructions, Address, Data And Address
Windows is an operating environment created by : GUI, Yahoo, Microsoft, Cisco
In window to select all you can press the keys --------- : Ctrl + S, Ctrl + Y, Ctrl + A, Ctrl + C
Is the best thing the internet has to offer : CHAT, Facebook, Inbox, E-Mail
Which of the following is NOT a search Engine ? Info Seek, Facebook, Excite, Lycos