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What is the correct order of second ionization potential of C.N.O and F : O>N>F>C, O>F>N>C, C>N>O>F, F>O>N>C
Eposm salt is a minerial of the metal ----- : Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium, Strontium
In P-type semiconductor silicon is droped with ------- : Copper, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Boron
Which of the following is the strongest alkali ? Ca(OH)2, NaOH, KOH, Ba(OH)2
Which of the following is the strongest acid ? HCLO, HCLO2, HCLO3, HclO4
Reaction of oxalic with conc. H2SO4 produces CO2, CO, Both A and B, No reaction occures
Polyethymer polyvinyl acetate and starch are ---- : Copolymers, Homopolymers, Addition Polymers, Condensation Polymer
Which is the final product of rotary kiln in cement manufacturing : Cement, Slurry, Centment Clinker, Mortar
Eco system is smaller unit of ---- : lithosphere, Biosphere, Hydrosphere, Atomsphere
Which of the following is alpha -decay product of the radium ? He, Kr, Ne, Xe
In open Hearth process dolomite is used if the impurity present are ---- : Mn ,Si, C,Si, P,S, P,Cl
The compound which is NOT isomerwith diethyl ether is ---- : Butanone, 2-Methyl propane -2- ol, Butane -1-ol, None Of These
Which orgic compound can behave as an acid too ? C2H4, CH3-CH=CH2, CH3-C= C -CH3, CH3-C=C-H
A glyoxal is formed due to reaction of benzene with : Aldehyde, Ketone, Ozone, Oxygen gas
Which of the following is NOT a nucleophile ? H2O, H2S, BF3, NH3
Which of the following enzymes is NOT involved in fermentation of starch ? Diastase, Zymase, Urease, Maltase
Ketones are less reacive then aldelydes which of the following reagents will react with both aldehydes and ketones ? Tollens, Fehlings reagent , Grignard reagent, Benedicts reagent