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Mistakes that cause a running program to produce incorrect result are called ------ : Syntax error, Logical error, Program error, None Of These
Order of precedence determines which operators ------- : is most imporant, Is used first, is faster, Operator on the largest number
Which of the following has the highest precedence ? (), Pluse pluse, >=, Minus
Comments are used to increase the ------ of the program : Visibility, Beauty, Readability, Complexity
Which address operator indicates the address of a varible : %, a, #, &
A while loop is more appropriate then for loop when : The terminating Condition occurs unexpectedly, The body for a loop will be executed atleast once,
If x = 6 and y = 4 what will be the output of the following expression X > y ? X +Y: X * Y ; 2, 24, 10, None Of These
What does a compound condition use to join two condition ? Relational Operator, Logical Operator, Relational Result, Logical Result
Function prototype for built -in function are specified in -----: Image file, Source file, Object Files, Header file
The Scope of a variable refers to its ------- : Name, Life time, Data type, None Of These
On sucessfully closing refers to its ----- : Null, Zero, 1(one), File pointer
Which data type can be used to define a field that consists of a maximum of 255 characters ? Memo, Number, Text, Auto number
Which of the following is used to retrieve data from database and represent it to thr user in a formatted way ? Report, Form, Query, Table