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Who developed Analytical Engine ? John Napier, Leibnitz, Charles Babbage, DR.Herman
Which year was the Vacuum tube invented ? 1899 AD, 1906 AD, 1916 AD, 1926 AD
Which of the following is low level language ? BASIC, FORTRAN, COBOL, ASSEMBLY
The number of colours a VGA monitor display is --------- : 4, 16, 256, 64
Which of the following is a non-Volatile memory : RAM, ROM, Flash, Cache
Which of the following ports provides a connection for transmitting data 8- bits at a times ? Parallel, Series, USB, PS-2
Which of the following is NOT an input device ? Light Pen, Scanner, Plotter, Joystick
How many bytes are there in one Kilobyte ? 1024, 1000, 2048, None Of These
Which of the following is a Secondary memory ? ROM, PROM, RAM, CD-ROM
Interpreter is a type of ------------- : System software , Service Software, Utility Software, Application Software
Which of the following is a DOS internal commond ? DELTREE, DISKCOPY, FORMAT, DIR
In MS-word which of the following features allows transferring text to another location without deleting it from its orginal location ? Editing, Moving, Coping, Scrolling