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Where does the gaseous exchange occure in human ? Pharynx, Alveoli, Trachea, Bronchi
Which would NOT be present in the filtrate entering the Bowmans capsule of nephron ? Water, Calcium ion, Urea, Blood cell
Which hormone of Pituitary gland controls the level of water in blood ? Oxytocin, Thyroid stimulating hormone TSH, Antidiuretic hormones (ADH), Somatotroph
Which of the following is the largest part of forebrain : Cerebrum, Cerebellum, Pons, Medulla oblongata
The main components of bones are ----------- : Marrow,Spongy bone and Wax, Marrow,compact bone and Wax, Compact bone and Marrow, Compact bone ,spon
What are the short and swollen underGround stem containing food ? Rhizomes , Corms, Bulbs, Suckers
Which part of the female reproductive system recives egg cell from ovary ? Fallopian, Uterus, Vagina, Cervix
DNA wraps around histone proteins and forms round Structure called : Chromosome, Centromere, Nucleosome, chromatin
How many genetically different kinds of gametes are produced in an individual with genotype Aabb ? 1, 2, 3, 4
The total amount of living or organic matter in an ecosystem at any time is called ------ : Biomass, Biosphere, Pyramid , food chain
Special enzymes used to cut the identified gene from the total DNA of donor organism are called ------ : Apoenzyme, Co-enzyme, Restriction endonnucleases, Co-factor
Which of the following addictive drugs are also used as painkillers ? Narcotics, Sedatives, Hallucinogens, All Of These