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When a tissue is injured the damaged cells realease chemical alarm signals as : Heparin, Histamine, Pyrogen, Antigen
In intermediate filamement the basic protein subunit of the filament ia ----- : Flagellin, Vimentin, Tubulin, Myosin
Is a detached intravascular solid, liquid or gaseous mass that is carrierd to a site distant from its point of origin : Thrombus , Embolus, Plaque, Cholesterol
The steroid---------- wedged into the bilayer , helps stablilize the phospholipids at body temperature but help keep the membrane fluid at lower temperature : Progesterone, Estrogen, Cholesterol, Testosterone
Among the five type of epithelial cells in stomach--------- cell secrete protective mucus : Goblet , Parietal, Zymogen, Endocrine
Glucose and Fructose are structureal -------- : Polymers, Isomers, Dimers, Monomers
is involved in cell wall membrane permeability enzyme activation in plant : Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphur, Potassium
Protein is involved in blood clotting mechanism : Collagen, Elastin, Thrombin, Myoglobin
The larval from of echinoderm are refered to as --------- : Bipinnaria, Trocophore, Radioaria, None Of These
The detachable co-factor is known as ---------- if it is an inorganic ion : Activator, Cofactor, Prosthetic group, Coenzyme
Regeneration is exhibited by sponges, some cnidarians,annelids and -------- : Arthropods, Molluses, Nematodes, Echinoderms
The most widespread and import carotene is ----------- carotene,which is fimilier as orange pigment of carrot : Alpha, Beta, Eata, Delta
Spores are formed in the Sporophyte by meisosis thus the spores are haploid.The spores germinate into alga like structure called ------ in bryophytes : Paraphysis, Protonema, Plasmodium, Protoplasm
In peroxisomes glycolate is converted to ------- during photorespiration : Glycine, Serine, Valine, Alanine
Are protozoans which posses shell : Foraminiferans, Apicomplexans, Trypanosoma, Stento
Polio can be prevented by the killed ------------- vaccine : Sabin, Salk, Alpha interferon, None Of These
introduction the term bacterium,dervide from greek word bacterion-a meaning small stuff : Leeukenhoek, Ehrenberg, Carl Woese, Pasteur