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Which of the following is a component of LAN ? Cable, NIC, Bridge, All of these
Each computer on network is called a ----- : Bus, Terminator, Node, None Of These
Internet surfing is an example of ------- : Simplex, Half duplex , Full Duplex, All of these
Which of the following Device uses Parallel transmission ? Printer, Key-Board, Mouse, None Of These
Sound , light and radio waves are example of ----- : Digital Signal, Analog Signal, Hybride Signal, All of these
CBT stands for ------- : Computer Based Trade, Computer Based Training, Technology, None Of These
The step that obtained the next instruction from memory is called : Read, Fetch, Get, Decode
A set of electric path used to transfer data is called : Bus, Register, Pluse, None Of These
Which of the following is faster ? RAM, Cache, Register, Hard Disk
A virus that replicates itself is called ------ : Bug, Worm, Bomb, Hoax
The tool used to find a similat word in a document is called ------ : Finder, Thesaurus, Dictionary, Find anr Replace
In s spread sheet columns are labeled ------ : By letters , By Number, By cell reference, None Of These
A block of cell in spread sheet called : Range, Column, Function, Table
A computer can be linked to the internet through ------ : DSL, Cables Modem, Phone modem, All of these
In a computer network all computers use an operating system --------- to make through ------ : LAN, WAN, NOS, STAR