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Radius of flourine atom is ----- : 67 Pm, 79 Pm, 72 Pm, 89 Pm
is amphoteric Oxide in nature BeO, MgO, Li2O, CaO
On is prenent in group ----- : V A, VI A, III A, IV A
Pure Sulphuric Acid freezes at ----- : 10.9 ° C, 10.5 ° C, 9.5 ° C, 12.1 ° C
Radon is the alpha -decay product of the ---- : Rubidium, Radium, Polonium, Helium
[Ti (H2))6]3- absorbs the ---- : Red light, Green light, Blue light, Yellow light
Bleaching powder when react with NH3 produce ----- gas : O2, Cl2, H2, N2
Linear shapes is assiciated with which set of hybride orbitals ? Sp, Sp2, sp3, Dsp2
The acid which is obtained when benzene is oxidized in the presence of V2O5 is ----- : Oxalic acid, Formic acid, Picric acid, Maleic acid
Co2 when react with c2H5 MgBr give ----- : Butanoic acid, Ethanoic acid, Propanic acid, Pentanoic acid
While changing molasses into glucose the enzyme needed is : Zymase, Diastase, Maltase, Invertase
Paraldehyde is the polymer of ---- : ECHO, CH3CHO, CH3-CH2-CHO, CH3-CH2-CH2-CHO
Ninhydrine test is used to identify ---- : Fatty acids, Carbohydrates, Amina acid, Acetic acid
Benzene - Dicarboxylic acid------ : 1,2 -Benzedicarboxylic Acid, 1,4 -Benzedicarboxylic Acid, 1,3 -Benzedicarboxylic Acid, Propanedioic
Starch is a mixture of two Polysacchrides : Amylose and Sucrose, Amylose and Cellulose, Amylose and Glycogen, Amylose and Amylopectin
Which three element are needed for healthy growth of plants ? N, S, P, N, Ca , P, N , P, K, N,K,C
The 99.5 % mass of the lithosphere is made of ----- element : 3, 10, 11, 12