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An IDE typically consists of : Text editor, Compiler, Debugger, None Of These
The process of converting source code into object code is called : Compoling, Executing, Linking, Saving
Conio stands for ---------- : Character input Output, Console input OutPut, Common input OutPut, Complex input OutPut
Which of the following is NOT an example of a program bug ? Run-time error, Operator error, Syntax error, Logical error
A memory location with some data that can be changed is called : Constant, Variable, Named Constant, None Of These
What happenes when the result of a calculation exceeds the capacity of data type : Syntax error, Logical error, System error, Over flow
The expression 3 % 5 has a value equal to ------- : 0, 3, 5, None Of These
Which operator is used in a compound condition to join two condition ? Relational Operator, Logical Operator, Relational Result, Logical Result
An ampersand before the name of a variable denotes ----- : Actual Value, Variable Name, Address, Data type
Operators used to compar operands and decide wheather the relation is true or false are called : Arithmetic Operators, Logical Operator, Syntax Operators, Relationsl Operators
Is a control structire that causes a statement or group of statement to repeat : Decision Statement, Loop, Sequentisl, None Of These
Function prototype for built -in function are specified in -----: Source file, library File, Object Files, image files
Which of the following function is used to write a string to a file ? Puts (), Put c (), f Puts (), f get s ()
A category of data or infornation that describes an entity is called a /an ---- : Attribute, Data item, Record, Tuple
Which of the following components of physical database design refer to the correctness and consistency of data ? Indexes, Integrity constraint, File organization, Data Distribution Strategy
Who developed C ? Von -Neumann, Al-Khuwarizmi, Dennis Ritchie, Charles Babbage
.exe file is produced by ------- : Linker, Loader, Compiler, Interpreter