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Addition of oxygen during chemical reaction is called : Reduction, Oxidation , Evaporation, Conduction
Which one of following is lightest element : Lithium, Sodium, Magnesium, Calcium
Which one of following is a liquid in solid solution : Sugar in water, Butter, Alcohol in water, Frog
Industrial Chemistry deals with The manufacturing of compound : In Laboratory, On micro scale, On commercial scale, On economic scale
Number of element in normal period are : 18, 10, 8, 32
How many electron are involved in triple covalent bound : Six, Only three, Four, Eight
In Charles Law "K" is equal to : T/V, TV, V/T, V/P
What is the formula of rust : FE2O3, FE(OH)3, FE2O3H2O, FE(OH)3NH2O
The Molor mass of H2SO4 is : 9.8 gm, 98 gm, 98 gmu, 9.8 gmu
Which type of force is present in hydrogen bounding : Inter molecular force, Ionic force, Covalent force, Metallic force
Which one of the following halogen has lowest electro-negativity : Chlorine, Iodine , Bromine, Fluorine
Who discovered Cathode rays : Gold Stein, John Dalton, Sir Walliam Crooks, Neil Bohr
Which type of force are dominant during chemical bound formation : Repulsive force, Attractive force, Vander waal force, Hydrogen bounding
Which type of covalent bound is present in nitrogen (N2) molecule : Single Covalent bound, Double Covalent bound, Triple Covalent bound, metallic bond
After gaining one electron ,chlorine atom attains the electronic configuration of which noble gas : Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton
Metals have generally : High ionization Value, Low ionization value, High electron affinity value, High electro-negativity v
Number of element in normal period are : 18, 10, 8, 32
Tyre puncture is an example of : Effusion Process, Diffusion Process, Evaporation Process, Condensation Process
The removal of electron from an atom give rise to : Cation, Anion, Molecular, Molecular anion
The melting point value of sodium metal is : 97 °C, 100°C, 110°C, 200°C
The empirical formula of glucose is : CH, CH2O, OH, H2O2
Pure water is an example of : week electrolyte, Strong electrolyte, Strong acid, Strong base
Metals alloy are : Solution of solid in gas , Solution of solid in liquid, Solution of solid in solid, Solution of gas
Which one of the following is weak electrolyte : Nacl, NaoH, H2SO4, CH3CooH