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Most of the gaseous exchange in leaf occurs through : Stomata, General surface , Cuticle, Lenticels
Which is the correct order for the path taken by urina After it leaves the kidneys ? Urethra,bladder,Ureters, bladder,Ureters,Urethra, Urethra,bladder,Ureters, Bladder,Urethra,Ureters
To which part of ear, the tympanum belong ? Inner ear, Middle ear, External ear, All Of These
The adrenal cortex secretes many hormones called-----which maintain the balance of salts and water in blood : Vasopressin, Corticosteroids, Adrenaline, Somatotrophin
Babies are born with ---------- soft bones : 350, 300, 250, 200
A corm develops into new garic plant this is the process of : Vegetative propagation, Regeneration, Meiosis, Gametogenesis
Produce secretions that provide nutrients for sperm : Cowpers glands, Prostrate glands, Semial vesicles, Sperm ducts
Which of the following is the abiotic component of the ecosystem : Producers, Herbivores, Carnivores, Oxygen
Is a pain killer produced by the brain : Insulin, Interferon, Beta-endorphine, Urokinase
Is the study of drug composition properties and medical application : Pharmacy, Pharmacology, Vaccination, None Of These