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Sulpher Trioxide is prepared according to the following reaction 2SO2(g) + O2-----> 2 SO3(g) the condition of this reaction is : V2O5 / 450 °C, 200 atm, Fe / 400 °C, 200 atm, Electric / Spark, Ni / 450 °C, 200 atm
For a reversible reaction Kc = c2/ A B which substance is product of the reaction : A, B, Both A and B, C
Consider the following reaction reaction h2o + Hcl ---->h3O + cl- which species is an electron pair acceptor in this reaction ? HCL, H2o, H3o, Cl-
When H + < 1 X 10 -7M then Solution will be : Acidic, Basic, Neutral, Amphoteric
The general formula of alkynes is : CnH 2n + 2, CnH 2n, CnH 2n - 2, CnH 2n - 2
Which of the following is an Ether ? CH3 -CH2 -O-CH2 -CH3, CH3 - CH2 - COOH, C6H5 - OH, CH3 - CH2 -OH
Which is used for dehydro halgenation ? Alcoholic KOH, Al2O3, Conc.H2So4, Bromine Water
Glucose is : Tetrose, Disaccharides, Pentose, Hexose
Which is reddish brown gas : No, SO2, O3, NO2
Which of the following salt causes temporary hardness in water : Magnesium hydrogen carbonate , Both Calcium sulphate and magnesium sulphate, Calcium sulphate, Magne
What is the chemical formula of slaked lime ? Cacl2, CaO, CaCO3, Ca(OH)2
The disease caused due to the defiviency of Vitsmin D is : Rickets , Hemolysis of red Blood cells, Scury, Night blindness