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Which of the following is 16-bit code ? BCD, Unicode, ASCII, EBCDIC
According to Demorgans law A + B is equal to : A + B, A .B, A.B, A+B
According to the absorption law A.(A+B) is equal to : 1 +B, AB, A, A+1
Name the error which exists in the formula C = C* D/C : Logical error, Syntax error, Execution error, None Of These
In which of the following symbol of the statement "IS A > B" is placed : Connector, Rectangular, Parallelogram, Diamond
The maximium characters that a string constant may contain are : 8, 32, 80, 255
which of the following is not logical operator : AND , OR, Fix, NOT
ON ERROR GOTO statement is used to detect : Logical error, Syntax error, Execution error, Both A and B
Which of the following statement transfers control unconditionally ? GOTO, For…NEXT, If Then, ON GOTO
The number of element assigned automatically to a two dimensional array in a BASIC are : 10, 100, 110, 121
The result of execution of Print ABS (-4.58) is : 4, 5, 4.58, minus 4
The variable that enables to draw ellipse in CIRCLE Statement is : Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh