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which is the most abundant carbohydrate in nature : Starch, Glycogen, Pectin, Cellulose
Defective genes can be repaired by : Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Gene, Therapy
Cell theory was formulated by : Lorenz oken, Robert Hooke, Rudolph Virchow, Schwann and schlieden
Paramyxoviruses causes the disease : Influenza Polio, Mumps and Measles, Herpes, Simplex
Which are the major produces in Aquatic Ecosystem : Green Algae, Diatoms, Euglenoids, Red Algae
Male gametophyte in Angiosperms is represent by : Filament, Germinated, Pollen gain, Anther Microspore
Flame cells are the excretory cells in : Fat worm, Segmented worm, Round worm, Insects
Chlorophyll absorbs mainly wave lengths of : Green colour, Yellow Colour, Indigo colour, Violet blue colour
Pepsin is secreted by : Mucous cell , Zymogen cell, Parietal cells, Oxyntic cell
Respiration pigment present in muscles is called as : Flagellin, Haemoglobin, Globin, MYOGLOBIN