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The volume occupied by 1.6 g of O2 at STP is : 22.4dm3, 2.24dm3, 1.12dm3, 112dm3
The ideal gas constant r when express in dm3 atm unit has a value : 0.0821, 1.082, 8.21, 82.1
The extence of an element in more then one crystalline form is called : allotropy1, Isomorphism, Polymorphism, Isotropy
Orbitals having same energy are called : hybrid orbital, valence orbitals, Degenerate orbitals, d-orbitals
which of the following molecules has a coordinate bound : NH4Cl, NaCl, HCl, Alcl3
Spontaneous reaction are : Reversible, irreversible, not irreversible, None Of These
Which of the following solution will have the highest ph value : 0.10 m h2so4, 0.01 m Naho, 0.02 m CH3COONa, 0.01 m NaHco3
The molal boiling point constant is the ratio of the elevationin boiling point : Molarity, Molality, Mole fraction of solvent, Mole fraction of solute
Electrolys is a process in which a chemical reaction takes place at the expence of Chemical energy, Electrical energy, Heat energy, None Of These
A substance which retard the rate of reaction is called : Inhibitor, Activator, Auto-catalyst, None Of These