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If non-protein part is covalently bounded to enzyme it is called as : Co-factor, Coenzyme, Holoenzyme, Prosthetic group
Ribosomes are particles of : Riboglyco Proteins, Ribonucleo Proteins, Riboglyco lipid, Riboglycolic acid
The cell which secret their hormones are : Blood cells , Nerve cells, Gland cell, Bone cells
The feeding stage of a slime mold is a : Blastocoel, Gastrozooid , Plasmodium, Sporozots
Most of the visible part of the lichen consist of : fungi, Algae, Roots, Bacteria
Clitoria ternate is used against : Dog bit, Insect bit, Hourse bit , Snake bit
Parotid glads are situated in front of they : Jaws, Ears, Tongue, eye
In earthworm the exchange of a gases occur mainly through : Lungs, Gills, Skin, Anus