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Which of the following compound has the highest %age of oxygen by weight : CH3 - OH, C2H5-oH, HCOOH4, H2O
The ideal gas constant R when express in dm3 atm k-1 unit have avalue of : 0.0821, 1.0821, 82.21, 82.1
Whichof the following is pseudo said : CaF2, Glass, NaCl, Diamond
Maximium number of electrons is subshell is given by : 2l+1, 2l-1, 2(l+1), 2(2l-1)
Which of the following molecule has a co2 ordinate covalent bound : HCl, NaCl, NH4Cl , Alcl3
Spontaneous reaction are : Reversible, irreversible, Non-irreversible , None Of These
The Value of Ph and Poh of pure water at 25°C is approximately : 14, 1 X 10 ^ 14, 7, 1 x 14^ 14
Depression in the freezing point is directly Proporation to : Molarity of solution, Molarity of solvent, Molality of solution, Molality of solvent
Reduction always take place : At anode, At cathode, At both Electrodes , does not occur at electrodes
Larger the surface area of the reactant molecule : Lower will be the rate of reaction, Higher will be the rate of reaction, The rate of reaction remain