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The more concentrated external environment as compared to cell concentration the condition is designated : Hypotonic, Hypertonic, Isotonic , None Of These
Ecdysis occur in in arthropods during : Immature stage, Mature stage, Both immature stage and mature stage, Do not undergo any change
Placenta secrete hormone necessary to maintain pregnancy : Estrogen, Gonadotropins, Progesterone, Luteinizing
A portion of chromatin with an open configuration is called : Heterochromatin, Euchromatin, Nuclesome, Centrosome
Plasmids are self-repeating bodies found in : Animals cell, Plant cell, Bacteria, Virus
During meiosis homologous chromosome come to pair with each other .This occur in stage : Prophase, Prophase, Metaphase -1, Metaphase -II
A man with blood groupN have a genotype : L^m L^M, L^N L^N, Both L^N L^N, L^M L^N
Taq polymeras is : DNA-polymeras (temperature sensitive), DNA-Polmeras (thermostable), RNA-polymeras, Both A and B
The study of relationship of organism to their environment : Biology, Ecology, Zoology, Mycology
Tunda ecosystem found in Pakistan at : Bahawalnagar and Rahim yar khan, Kara koram and hindukush, Waziristan and lower chitral, Shogran an