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The charge on an electron was measured by millikan is : 1889, 1789, 1909, 1921
Fractional change in resistance per Kelvin rise in temperature is called : Conductance, Resistance, Resistivity, Temperature coefficient of resistance
The principal of A.C generator is : Mutual induction, Self induction, Electromagnetic induction, All Of These
At response frequency the current in R-L-C series circuit is : Max, Min, Infinite, Zero
The Si unit of stress is the same as that of : Momentum, Pressure, Force, Length
A positron is an antparticle of : Proton, Electron, Neutron, Photon
The residing time of atoms in meta stable state in case of laser action is : 10^-4 S, 10^-5 S, 10^-8 S, 10^-3 S
The mass of beta particles is equal to the mass of : Proton, Electron, Neutron, Boson