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One mole of So2 contains oxygen atoms: 6.02 X 10 ^ 23, 12.04 X 10 ^ 23, 1 mole, 3 mole
Which of the following is a pseudo solid : CaF2, Glass, NaCl, All
which gas has highest diffusion rate : SO2, Cl2, Nh3, Co2
Quantum number values for 2 P orbit are : n= 2 l=1, n=1 l=2, n=1 l=0, n =2 l=0
Which of the HX has highest percentage of ionic character : HB, HCL, HI, HF
H+ OH --->H2O the change in enthalpy for reaction is called : Heat of reaction, heat of formation, Heat of neutralization, Heat of combinaion
Molarity of a pure water is : 1, 18, 55.5, 6
The molal boiling point constant is the ratio of the elevationin boiling point : Milarity, Molality, Mole fraction of solvent, Mole fraction of solute
In the reaction 2 Fe + 3Cl2----->2FeCl3 Fe is reduced , fe is oxidized, Cl2 is oxidized, None Of These
Decomposition of nitrogen penta order of reaction Zero, First, Second, Third