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The oxides of beryllium are : Acidic, Basic, Amphoteric , Neutral
Tincal is a mineral of : Al, B, Si, C
Which of the following gases is used in radio therapy for cancer treatment : Ar, Ne, Xe, Rn
The element which extracts carbon from cast iron in bessamer converter is : Mn, Si, Mno
Ozonolysis of ethane cause the breaking of C-C bound the product is : Formaldehyde, Acetaldehyde, Ethyane Glycol, Chlorohydrin
During nitration of benzene the active nitrating agent is : NO3, no2, NO2, HNO3
Which of the following is not a nucleophile : H2O, H2S, BF3, NH3
Tollens reagents is : Alkaline solution contain potassium tarrate, Alkaline solution contain potassium Citrate, Ammonia Ag