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Electrometer is called : Voltmeter, Avometer, ion, Collector
in combustion alalysis h2o vapours are absorbed by : 50 % KOH, Mg(Clo4), NaOH, Mgcl
Chromatography in which the station Phase is liquid is called : Adsorption Chromatographic, Partition Chromatographic, Column Chromatographic, None Of These
Absolute zero is equal to : 273°C , 273°C , 0°C , 273 K
A crystal system in which all the axes and angles are unequal is called : Tetragonal system, Monocilinic system, Triclinic system, Cubic system
A murree hills water boils at : 98°C , 100°C , 0°C , 50°C
When 6 d orbital is completed the entering electron goes into : 7f, 7s, 7p, 7d
Lyman series occur in : Visible region, U.V.rgion, I.R region, None Of These
Dipole moment of CO2 1.84 D, Zero D, 0.95 D, 2.2 d
In SP2 hybridization the orbitals are oriented at an angle : 109.5°C , 120°C , 180°C , 0°C
The enthalpy changes when one mole of a substance is complete burnt in excess of oxygen is called Enthalpy of atomization, Enthalpy of neutralization, Enthalpy of combination, Enthalpy of formation
The sum of ph and poh is always : 7, 0, 14, 10
The no of moles of solute dissolved per dm3 of solution is called : Molarity, Molality, Normality, mole fraction
Benzene-ether can form ideal solution, Non-ideal solution, Buffeer solution, None Of These
Loss of electrons is called : Oxidation, Reduction, Hydration, Dehydration
Fuel cells convert chemical energy into : Heat energy, Light energy, Electric energy, Mechanical energy
The minimum amount of energy required of an effective collision is called : Activation energy, Internal energy, Translational energy, None Of These