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Significant figures in 0.000846 are : Six , Four, Seven , three
If the line of action of force passes through axis of rotation or origin then its torque : Maximum , Unity , Zero, None Of These
The magnitude of the vector 2/3 - 1/3 + 2/3 K is : zero, one, Three, 1//9
Laws of motion are not valid in a system which is : Moving with uniform velocity, At rest, Isolated, Non-inertial
if the direction of force is perpendicular to the direction of motion of body then work done is : Minimum, Maximum, zero, Infinity
If a gymnast sitting on rotating stool with his arms outstretched lowers his arm: The angular speed decrease, The angular speed increase , The angular speed remains constant , None
If cross sectional area of pipe decreases the speed of fluid must increase according to Venturi relation, Bernoullis equation, Equation of continuity, Torricellis theorem
The frequency of second pendulum is : 1 Hz, 0.5 Hz, 1.5 Hz, 2 Hz
The cooking and heating of food by microwave oven is an example of : SHM, Resonance, Damped oscillation , None Of These
The speed of sound in air at 0°C is 330 ms-1 it speed at 2°C : 331.22 ms-1, 33122 cmS-1, 330 ms-1, 331.22 ms-1 and 33122 cmS-1
When Newton Ring are observed with reflected light the central spot is : Red, Blue, Dark , Bright
At constant temperature if volume of given gas is doubled then density of the gas becomes : Double , 1//4, 1//2 original , Unchanged
The amount of heat required to melt one kg of ice 0°C is called : Heat of vaporization, Heat capacity, Latent heat of fusion of ice , None Of These