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The reasoning from the gernal to specific is : Deductive, Inductive, Scientific, Theoretical
The specific heat of vaporization of water is -----------Kcal/kg: 374, 474, 574, 674
If non-protein part is covalently bounded to enzyme it is called as : Co-factor, Co-enzyme, Holoenzyme, Prosthetic group
Endocytosis which involves ingestion of solids material : Pinocytosis, Phagocytosis, solidocytosis, Phagocytosis and Solidocytosis
which of the following disease is not cause by virus : Cholera , Hepatitis , Influenza, Polio
A bacteria with single polar Flagellum is called : Atrichous, Lophotrichous, Amphitrichous , Monotrichous
Which of the following cause sleeping sickness : Trichonymphas, Trypanosoma, Choanoglagellaes, None Of These
Histoplasmosis is a : Heart disease, Kidney disease, Lungs disease, None Of These
The vascular plants are : Bryophytes, Embryophytes, Tracheophytes, None Of These
The biological name of amaltas is : cassia senna, Bauhinia variegata, Cassia Fistula, None Of These
The excretory system of arthropods is composed of : Malpighian tubles, Flame cells , Nephridia, Nephron
The pouched mammals are : Prototheria, Metatheria, Eutheria , None Of These
The quantitative study of energy relationship in the biological system : Bio chemistry, Bio technology, Bioenergetics, Biophysics
The animals which feed on plant are : Detritivores , Herbivores, Carnivores, Omnivores
the respiration organ in fish are : Lungs, Air sacs, Gills, Tracheae
Which of the following artery supplies blood to heart muscles : Pulmonary, Coronary, Systemic, None Of These
The shrinkage of protoplast due to exos mosis is : Ascent of sap, Guttation , Plasmolysis, Deplasmolysis