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computer is combination of : Hard ware, software, Both, A & B
System requirement are created during : Preliminary investigation , Analysis, Design, Development
A collection of computer connected is called : Processing, Network, Chatting, None Of These
Which of the following not a components of LAN : Cables, Gateway, Bridge, Modem
Which of the following coding scheme uses 4 -bits code : ASCII, EDCDIC, BCD, Unicode
Which of the following is the fastest communication mode : Half duplex mode, Full Duplex mode, Simple, None Of These
CBT stand for : Computer based trade, Computer based training, Certified based, None Of These
Temporary storage area with in cpu is called : Registers, ALU, Bus interconnection, None Of These
A set of electrical path used to transfer data is called : Monitor, Bus, Computer clock, None Of These
Security protection for personal computer include : Internal components, Lock and cable, Software, All Of These
A virus that replicates itself is called a : Bug, Worm, Vaccine, Bomb
Window explorer is used to : Access the internet, Explore the system resource, Perform maintenance on the hard disk, Navigate fi
Which of the following can be used to launch the word are : Status bar, Ruler, Standard tools bar, Drawing tool bar
Which of the following is an absolute address : A 1, AIS, ASIS, None Of These
A computer can be linked to the internet through : A phone-line modern, DSL, Cable modem, All Of These