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The resultant of two force 6 N and 8 N acting at an angle of 90 with each other : 30 N, 40 N, 50 N, 70 N
The scalar product of two vector is maximum when they are : Parallel, Perpendicular, Anti-parallel, Null
The horizontal range of projectile at 30° with horizontal is same at an angle : 40°, 45°, 60°, 90°
The horizontal component of velocity of Projectile : Remains constant, Increases, Decrease, none
The original source of tidal energy : Moon, Earth, Sun , Sea
The dimensional unit of ratio of work and power is : J, T, L, KWH
The ratio of moment of inertia of disc and hoop is : 1//2, 2//4, 3//4, 4//4
The time rate of change of angular displacement is called : Linear Velocity, Linear speed, Angular velocity, Angular speed
Stokes law holds for : Motion though free space , Motion though viscouse, Bodies of all shapes, All medium
In equation of continuity the units of Av is given A : Cubic meter, Cubic meter per second, Square meter per second, Square meter
The product of time period and frequency is : Zero , 1, pie, None Of These
The oscillation in which amplitude decreased steadily with time are called : Natural oscillation, Damped oscillation, Free oscillation, Force oscillation
Sound waves can not travel through : Air , Water, Material Medium, Vacuum
Phase angle of 180 is equivalent to path different of : ?, ?/4, ?/2, 2?
The value of critical angle for glass air boundary is : 41.8°, 41.5°, 42.8°, 42°
Carnot cycle is : Reversible, Irreversible, Both, None Of These