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All of the following are synthesized by liver except that of : Glucagon, Albumin, Fibrinogen, Prothrombin
All of the following are related to axial skeleton except : Skull, Ribs, Sternum, Appendages
Which one is not related to axial skeleton except : myxoedema, Diabetes, Cretinism, Exophthalmic
During delivery in humans females the average loss of blood is about : 250 cm3, 350 mm3, 350 cm3, 250 mm3
The meristem present at the bases of inter nodes in many plants is : Apical meristem, intercalary meristem, Lateral meristem, Cork Cambium
A central role for chromosome in heredity was first suggested in 1900 by : W.S.Sutton, T.H Morgan, Karl correns, Walther fleming
In which phase of cell cycle the number of chromosome become double: S-Phase, G1 -Phase, G2 -Phase, G0 -Phase
All the alleles found in a breeding population at a given times are collectively called : Polygene, Gene pool, Continuously varying trait, Multiple alleles
The enzyme that extracted from thermus aquatieus bacterium is : DNA polmerase, taq polmerase, DNA polymerase & tap polmerase, RNA polmerase
The living organism which can prepare their own food are : Heterotrophs, Gree plants, Producer, B & C
In sindh the desert ecosystem is called : Thar, Thal, Cholistan, Temperature
A single chlorine atom can react with ultraviolet rays and destroy ozone molecule as many as : 1 billion, 1 million, 2 billion, 2 million
A signal chlorine atom can react with ultraviolet rays and destroy ozone molecule as many as : One billion, one million, Two million, Two billion
Of all the kidney stones the incidence of calcium phosphate type of stone are the : 0.7, 0.2, 0.1, 0.15
The structure formed by the fusion of posterior four pelvic vertebrae is : Axis, Coccyx, Atlas, Sacrium
The onest of epilepsy usually occurs before the age of : 25 years, 50 years, 60 years, 30 years
The first convoluted part of vas deferens is called : Epididymis, Seminiferous , Ureter, Scrotum