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Hydrogen can be placed with the element of group IV a because both : Act as strong oxidizing agent, Act as strong reducing agent, Possess the property of calcination, F
Dolomite is : Strontium, magnesium, Barium, Potassium
In borax bead test when borax is heated with cobalt oxide it form bead of : Black Colour, Blue Colour, Red Colour, Green Colour
Which of the following is not property of phosphorus: it means light bearing, It does not exit free in nature, Rich source of phosphorus in bone ash, It
The anhydride of HClO4 is : ClO3, CLO2, Cl2O5, Cl2O7
Group VI-B of transition element contain: zn,cd,hg, Mn,Te,Re, Cr,Mo,W, Fe,Ru,Os
Which one of the following is not hetrocyclic compound : Thiophene, Anthracene, Furan, Pyrrole
Vinyl acetylene combines with HCl to form : Polyacetylene, Divinyl acetylene, Chloroprene, Butene
Benzene is prepared from cyclohexane by the process called : Hydrogenation, Dehydration , Dehydrogenation, None Of These
The common name of 2 -Methyl 2 chloropropane is : 1 so buytl chloride, Sec.buytl chloride, Ter.buytl chloride, n-buytl chloride
Phenol react with acetyl chloride in the prsensce of a base to form an : Acid, Alcohol, Aldehyde, Ester
2- Hydroxy propanonic acid is called : Oxalic acid, Lactic acid, Citric acid, Asparyic acid
Which one of the following acid is used to prepare synthetic fibre : Carbonic acid, Formic acid, Acetic acid, Butyric acid
Vegetables oil are : Unsaturated fatty acid, Glycerides of unsaturated fatty acid, Glycerides of saturated fatty acid, Es
The nitrogen fertilizer helps plants : To fight against diseases, To produce fat , to produce protein, To produce carbohydrates
Ecosystem is a smaller unit of : Lithosphere, Atmosphere, Biosphere, Hydrosphere
Peroxy acetyl nitrile PAN is an irritant human bring and if affect : eyes, Ears, Stomach , Nose