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When area is held perpendicular to the field lines then the magnitude of electric flux is : Maximum , minimum, Either maximum or minimum, Negative
photo copies and inkjet printer are the application of : Electronics, Electricity, Magnetism, Electrostatics
if the conductivity of a material is small then it is : A conductor, A poor conductor, A good conductor , An insulator
Thirmimistor is : A resistor, Thermally sensitive resistor, An adiabatic resistor, An isothermal resistor
One tesla is equal to : 1 NmA-1, 1 NA-1, 1 Nm-6, 1 NA-1m-1
An instrument that gives a pointer deflection proportional to the current itself is called a: Voltmeter, Galvanometer, Wattmeter, Potentiometer
If we make the magnetic field strong the value of induced current is : Decreased, Increased, Vanished, Kept constant
Alternative current generator use : Coiled rings, Split rings, Slip ring, Solenoid ring
The basic circuit element in Dc circuit is : An inductor, A resistor, A capacitor, A battery
The impedance of the circuit at resonance frequency is : Minimum , maximum , Zero, One
Which type of solid have definite melting point : Crystalline solids, Amorphous solids, Crystalline solids and amorphous solids, None Of These
A well-known example of an intrinsic semi-conductor : Germanium, Phosphorus, Aluminium, Cobalt
In N-type materials the minority carriers are: Free electron, Holes, Protons, Mesons
P-n junction can be used as : Amplifier, Oscillator, Modulator, Rectifier
X-rays diffraction implies that radiation has a : Particles nature, Wave nature, Wave particle nature, None Of These
In the spectrum of which the following will you find Balmer series : Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, All Of These
The process by which a heavy nucleus splits up into lighter nuclei is known as : Fission , Fusion, Alpha-decay, A chain reaction