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The incidence of calcium oxalate type stone are : 0.1, 0.15, 0.2, 0.3
One of the following party of the plant is excretophore : Sterm, Roots, Leaves, Flowers
the protein filament which binds to the calcium : Actin, Myosin, Troponin, Tropomyosin
Which one of the following is plant grade : Rabbits, Monkey, Horses, Goats
Match diabetes incipidus with one the following Oxytocin, Vassopression, Insulin, Glucagon
Kohler used chimpanzee to prove : Habitution, Imprinting, Latent learning, Insight learning
The first convoluted part of vas deferens is called : Epididymis, Penis, Scrotum, Sperm
When will you call the embryos as fetus : After 2 months, After 3 months, After 4 months, After 5 months
The larval epidermis is formed from : Clear cytoplasm, yellow cytoplasm, Gray vegetal cytoplasm, Gray equatorial cytoplasm
Which of the following is stop signal during the transcription : CA, GA, Gc, Ta
Which one is absent in animals cell : Spindle, Centriole, Chromatide, Phragmoplast
Locus is a : Part of DNA, Position of gene , Partner of a gene , Complement
The First restraction enzyme was isolated : Kary Mullis, Hamilton, Sanger, Maxam
The main reason for the extinction of species is : Population, Overproduction, Habitat destruction, Parasitism
Which is not a micronutrient : Zinc, Iron, Sulphurs, Iodine
The plant in desert : Remain ever green, Shorted rooted, Conserve water, Broad leaves
The percentage of land under cultivation : 0.3, 0.21, 0.11, 0.05