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Most of the elements are : Crystalloids, Metals, Metalloids, Non-metals
Chile saltpetre has the chemical formula : NaNO3, KNO2, Na2B4O7, Na2cO3.H2O
Boric acid can not be used : As antiseptic in medicine , For washing eye, In soda bottles, For enamels and glazes
At 18°C the specific gravity of H2SO4 is : 1.891, 1.834, 2.101, 1.74
Silver bromide is used in : Paints, Photography, Ceramic, Gasoline
Coordination number of Pt in [PtCl (No2)(NH2)4] is : 2, 4, 1, 6
The state of hybridization of carbon atom in methane is : SP3, SP2, SP, SdP2
Sabatier senderns reaction can be used to prepare : Alkynes, Alkenes, Alkanes , All
Which is the molecular formula of TNT : C6H2(NO2)3CH3, C6H3(NO2)3C3H3, C6H2(NO2)3C2H5, C6H2(NO2)3C3H7
Acetone react with HCN to form a cyanohydrin .it is an example : Electrophilic additation, Electrophilic Substitution, Nucleophilic addition, Nucleophilic Substituti
Which compound is more soluble in water : CH3OH, C2H5OH, CH3COCH3, N-hexanol
Ethyl magnesium bromide reacts with water to form : Ethane , Methane, Propane, N-butane
The molecular mass of protein is : Less then 10000, Greater then 10000, Equal to 10000, equal to 9000
Which of these polymer is an addition polymer : Polyester, Nylon 66, Polyester, Epoxy resin
Ammonium nitrate fertilizer is not used for which crop : Cotton, Wheat, Sugarcane, Paddy rice
The Ph of rain water is : 7 - 6.5, 6.5 - 6, 6 -5.6, Less then 5
A signal chloride free radical can destroy how many ozones molecule : 100, 100000, 10000, 10