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Which one of the following translator is used to convert a program written in assembly language into machine language : Compiler, Interpreter, Assembler, Editor
Which of the following is generally referred to as brain of computer : Memory unit, ROM, CPU, Input unit
Which of the following is generally key is used to delete a character at left of the current cursor position : END, ESC, Delete, Backspace
Which of the following pointing device work like a mouse : Track Ball, Joystick, Keyboard, Light pen
Which of the following is optical storage : ROM, CD-ROM, RAM, Hard Disk
Which of the following symbol is used in flow chart for processing and computation : Diamonds, PARALLELOGRAM, RECTANGLE, Data
If two or more statement are written on a line they must be separated by a : Comma, Hyphen, Colon, Semi colon
Which of the following word specifies the end of the WHILE loop : NEXT, WEND, END, RETURN
Which of the following BASIC statements or end of the sub -routine subprogram : GOSUB, GOTO, RETURN, SACK
An additional part of operating system used to display window ,graphic and drop down menus is called : Desktop, Application , Interface, GUI
How many primary keys can a table have : 1, 2, 5, No limit
Which of the following is a one -to-many relation : Student Reg No, Person-id number, Mother-Daughter, President-Country
In 2NF which form of dependence is removed : Functional, Partial, Associative, Transitive
The column of a table correspond to : Table, Record, Field, Cell
what is the default field size of text data type field : 2, 5, 20, 50
Which of the following is not a function of report : Display data, edit data, Output of database application, Print data
Header file in C contain : Compiler command, Library functions, Header information of C programms, Operators for files
The expression 10% 3 has a value equal to : 1, 3, 8, 0
The statement I + = 3 has the same effect as : I =I +3, i=3, i-3 =i, i3
Which of the following function is used to input data in c programs Scanf, Printf, Sqrt, Getch
An expression that uses a relation operators is known as : Operational, Sequential, Serial, Relational
Another term for conditional operator is : Ternary, Binary, Byte, Iteration
A loop within a loop is called : Nested loop, Complex Loop, Infinite loop, Simple loop
While loop is also called : Wend loop, Simple loop, Conditional loop, Counter loop
A variable declaration outside any function is known as : Global variable, Local variable, External Variable , Static
Which of the following is not a visual basic control : Command button, Forms, Variable, Textbox
Which form property will put text in the title bar of the bar to the form : Title , Boarder text, Header, Caption
What is the value of x after executing the following statements ? Dim x as integer x =15/4 : 15, 3, 4, 3.75
The mod operator is used for : Exponentiation, Multiplication, Division, Integer Remains
Which one is used to declared variable in VB : Dim, Identifier, Sub, Event
All of the following are relational operators except : <>, &, equal, >=
In Visual Basic which key word indicates the starting point of the decision structure : Loop, For, Else, If
What is the value of j after the code in the loop below is complete for J =2 to 12 step 3 statement in loop Next j : 11, 12, 13, 14
Which of the following is not a predefined object type in vb : Text book, Check box, Circle, List box