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The value of relative permittivity for all the dielectric other then air or vacuum is always : Less then unity, Greater then unity, Equal to unity , Zero
Farad is defined as : Coulomb/Volt, Ampere/Volt, Coulomb/Joule, Joule/Coulomb
Electric energy is measured in : Watt , Horse power, Kilowatt, Kilowatt hour
Maximum power delivered by battery is : Pmax=E2/4r, Pmax=4rE2, Pmax= Vit, Unlimited
To measure the current in a circuit Ammeter is always connected in : Parallel, Series, Sometimes parallel Sometimes series, Neither parallel not series
The mathematical relation E ^n/i=1(B. ? l)i=?°I is known as : Lenzs law, Amperes law, Gausss Law, Faradays law
The principal of an alternating current generator is based on : Coulombs law, Ampere law, Faradays law, Lenzs law
If velocity of a conductor moving through a magnetic field B is made zero then emf is : VBL, V/BL, BL/v, Zero
S.I unit of impedance is : Henery, Hertz, Ampere, Ohm
The s.i unit of stress is the same as that of : Momentum, Pressure, Force, Length
The number of diodes in a bridge rectifier is : 4, 3, 2, 5
The davission and Germer experiment indicates : Interferce, Polarization, Electron diffraction, Refraction
The reverse phenomenon of photoelectric effect is called : Radioactivity, Compoton effect, Zeeman effect, Pair production
The relation between Rydberg constant RH and ground state energy E0 is given by : Rh = E°/Hc., Rh = Ch./E°, E° = Rh/Ch., Rh = E°hc
Balmer series lies in the : Ultraviolet region, Far Ultraviolet region, Infrared region, Visible region
The radius of 3rd Bohr orbit in hydrogen atom is greater then the radius of 1st orbit by a factor of : 2, 3, 4, 9
The number of proton in an atom are always equal to number of : Electrons, Neutron, Positron, Mesons