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which is not kind of register : Flag, segment, Accumulator, math coprocessor
Expansion card are inserted into : Slots, Peripheral device, CPU, Back of the computer
Another name for free software : Encrypted software, Copy protected software, Public domain software, Shareware
The address bus is : Bidirectional, Unidirectional, Multidirectional, Circular
FTP facility is used to ; Transfer protocol, Transfer life, Connect to the internet, Check PC
Which of the following is not an example of e-commerce : Electronic banking, Electronic shopping, Online chatting, Online education
Deleting a character to the left of the cursor is accomplished by pressing the : Del key, Backspace key , Home key, Ctrl + tab keys
Standard IP-Address is composed of a total of : 4 bits, 16 bits, 32 bits, 256 bits
DPI stands for : Dot per inch, Decimal per inch, Digit per inch, data per inch
The operation of arithmetic logical unit is directed by : ALU itself, Program, Control unit, Memory unit
Default name of first sheet in any workbook is : One, Sheet -1, Sheet one, First sheet
Add new hardware option exists in : Main menu, Status bar, Taskbar, Control panel
The standard protocol for the internet is : TCP, IP Address, IP Protocol, TCP / IP
The cell of memory are logically organized into group of : 8 bits, 5 bits, 12 bits, 4 bits
Which of the following transmit voice and data through air as high-frequency radio waves : Twisted Pair, Coaxial Cable, Fiber-optic cable , Microwave