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The decrease in atomic sizes is not much prominent across rows containing elements of : S - Block, p - Block, d - Block, f - Block
One of the following is applied on walls as white wash : Lime water, Milk of water , Malik of raagnesia, Lime stone
Following is used in making fire proof cloths : Water glass, Brox glass, Kaolin, Asbestos
The element whose inorganic minerals are not much abundant in earth crust : Li, N, Na, O
The element causes burn to skin that heels slowly : F2, Cl2, Br2, Acid
Carbon atom in following in sp2 hybridized : CH3CN, CH = CH, HCOOH, CH2Cl2
following property of transition element does not very with a regular pattern : Binding energy, Melting point, Covalent radius, Cationic radius
The isomerism shown by alkanes is : Skeletal, Position, Geometric, Metamerism
Ortho para derivation are obtained by halogenation of : Nitrobenzene, Toluene, Benzaldehyde, Benzene
Reaction of following with grignards reagent can give p- alcohol : Epoxide, peroxide, Super oxide, Hydrogen oxide
Methanol can be prepared from hydrogenation : CH3CN, CH3Br, HCHO, CH2CHO
Addition of alcohol in carbonyl compound gives acetal the geometry of acetal is : Linear, Trigonal, Tetrahedral, Planars
Molar mass of CH3COOH obtained by Elevation of boiling point method is : 30, 60, 120, 180
Starch is a polymer of : Alfa -D- glucose, Beta - glucose, Alpha-D - fructose , Beta D fructose
The nitrogenous fertilizer easily taken by plants is : Urea, Ammonium nitrate, Ammonia gas, Ammonia liquid
Following is better to disinfect water : Cl2, O2, O3, KMnO4
The residual ash after incineration of industrial waste is disposed off in land fill which is lined with: Portland cement, Clay and plastic, Methyl silicone, Stone-ware