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Which one the following is used for lowering blood cholesterol : Grisofulvin, Penicillin, Cyclosporine, Lovastatin
Which one of the following is included in tunicates : Amphioxus, Deer, Bananoglossus, Saccoglossus
Which one of the following is not a carnivores : Cat, Dog, Lion, Deer
Which one of the following is not a polysaccharide : Glycogen, Lactose, Starch, Dextrin
Which one of the following is not a cilicate : Paramecium, Vorticella, Trypanosoma , Stentor
Common name for ancylostoma duodenal is : Hook worm, Pin worm, Tape worm, Earth worm
If non-protein part is covalently bounded to enzyme it is called as : Co-enzyme, Ptosthetic group , Activator, Apo enzyme
Arachis hypogea belong to family : Rosaceae, Solanaceeae, Fabacer, Caesalpiace
Disorder in which haemoglobin molecule have F chain instead of B .chain is known : Thalassaemia , Leucaemia, Oedema, emphysema
In prokaryotic cell wall strengthening material is : Chitin, Lignin, Cutin, Murein
Which one the following animals has closed blood circulatory : Snail, Octopus, Insect, Spider
Light wave least absorbed by chlorophylls is : Violet, Blue, Yellow, Orange
Tentative explanation of observation is called : Hypothesis , Deduction, Law, Theory
Twort in 1915 and D herelle in 1917 discover : Pox virus , Adeno virus, Bacteriophages, Herpes virus
which one of following is not extinct : Horneophyton, Psilotum, Psilophyton, Cooksonia
During photorespiration glycine after its formation diffuses into: Ribosome, Mitotochodria, peroxisome, Glyoxysome
Which one of the following is a microaerophilic bacterium : Campylobacter, Pseudocoelm, Spirochete, E.Coil