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The mass of one mole of electrons is : 1.008mg , 0.55 mg , 0.184mg , 1.673 mg
The number of moles of CO2 which contain 8.0 g of oxygen is : 0.25, 0.5, 1, 1.5
Pressure remaining constant at which temperature the volume of a gas will become twice of what is a 0°C 546 K , 273 K , 546°C , 200°C
The drying agent used in a desiccator is AlCl3, CaCl2 , NH2Cl , Agcl
The partial pressure of oxygen in lungs are : 760 torr , 670 torr , 159 torr , 116 torr
The extistance of an element in more then one crystalline form is called : Allotropy , Isotropy , isomorphism , Polymorphism
Acentone and chloroform are souble in each other due to : Covalent bounding , Intermolecular hydrogen bounding , ion-dipole interaction , Intantaneous
The nature of the positive rays depend on : The nature of the cathode , the nature of anode , The nature of the residual gas , the na
Splitting of spectral lines when atoms are subjected to strong electric field : Zeeman effect , Stark effect , Compton effect , Photoelectric effect
Which of the following molecule has zero dipole moment : BF3, H2O , CHCl 3 , NH3
The number of bound in nitrogen molecule is : One sigma and one pi , One sigma and two pi , three sigma only , two sigma and one pi
The term pH was introduced by : Henderson , Sorenson , Goldstein , j.j Thomson
Molarity of pure water is : 1, 18, 55.5, 6
The oxidation number of chromium in k2Cr2O7 is : 14, 12, 6, 13
Reduction always takes place at : Anode , Cathode , Both electrodes , Salt bridge
In zero order reaction the rate is independent of : Temperature of reaction, Concentration of reactants , Concentration of production , concentratio
Isotopes differ in : Properties which depent upon mass , Arrangement of electrons in orbit , Chemical properties , The
27 g of Al will react completely with how much mass of O2 to product Al2O3 8 g of oxygen, 16 g of oxygen, 32 g of oxygen, 24 g of oxygen
The comparative rate at which solute move in paper chromatography depend on : The size of paper , Hf value , Tank, Temperature
The molar volume of CO2 is maximum at : S.T.P, 127 °C and 1 atm, 0°C and 2 atm, 273 °C and 2 atm
A real gas obeying Vender Waals equation will resemble ideal gas is : Both a and b are large, both a and b are small, a is small an b is large, ais large and b is small
London dispersion forces are the only forces present among the : Molecular of water in liquid state, Atoms of helium in gaseous state high temperature, molecule of i
Ionic solids are characterized by : Low melting point , Good conductivity in solide state, High vapour pressure, Solubility in polor sol
Orbitals having same energy are called : hybride orbitals, valence orbitals, Degenerate orbitals, Farthest from nucleus
In the ground state of an atom the electron is present : in the nucleus, in the second shell, nearst the nucleus, Farthest from nucleus
Which of the following molecule has zero dipole moment : NH3 , CHCl 3 , H2O , BF3
Bound formed by mutual sharing of electrons is called : Ionic bound, Colvent bound, Co-ordinate covalent bound, All o these
For a given process the heat changes at constant pressure(qp) and at constant volume (qv) are related to each other : qp = qv , qp < qv , qp >qv , q p = qv/2
Molarity of pure water is : 1, 18, 55.5, 6
The potential of standard Hydrogen electrode is always fixed as : 1, 0, 1.5, 2
The electrode recation in the electroysis of dil.H2SO4 with pt. electrode is : Reduction , Oxidation, Both oxidation and raduction, Nether oxidation nor reduction
The rate of reaction : Increase as the reaction proceeds, Decreases as the reaction proceeds, Remains the same as the react