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The output of printer is called : Hard copy, Graphics, Multimedia, Soft copy
An organized set of related components is called : SDLC, Network, Processing, System
Each computer on a network is called a : Bus, Terminator, Node, Connection
A network that transmits data over citywide distance faster then LAN : WAN, LAN, MAN, NAN
Which transmission allows data to travel in both direction but only one direction at a time : Simplex, Half duplex, Full duplex, Reverse duplex
Physical path that connects the source and receiver is known as : Communication channel, Decoder, Encoder, Self-testing
CBT software is used in : Education, Forecasting, Manufacturing, Electronic Shopping
A ---- is an automatic programmable machine : CAD, CAM, CBT, ROBOT
CU stands for : Control unit, Cache unit , Calculating unit, Communication unit
Computer cannot boot if it does not have : Compiler, Linker, Interpreter, Operating system
Which of the following is not an antivirus program : Rudolf, Norton, Dr.solmon, McAfee
Which of the following contains the administrative tools : Control Panel , Start Button, Internet Explorer, Recycle bin
The shape of insertion point symbol is : Arrow, Vertical line, Horizontal line , Large circle
The vertical dimension of a spreadsheet is called : Field, Record, Row, Column
Which of the following is a top level domain : http, com, HTML, URL