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The apparent weight of a man in a lift moving down with an acceleration of 9.8 m/s2 is : Zero, 9.8 N, 19.6 N, Infinite
Working cycle of typical petrol engine consist of : two Strokes, Four Strokes, Six Strokes, Eight Strokes
Radar system is an application of : Interference, Beats, Stationary, Doppler effect
The sum of three number 2.7543 4.10 and 1.273 up to correct decimal place is 8.12, 8.13, 8.1273, 8.127
The si unit of angular acceleration is : Rad / sec2, Rad /sec, rev /sec2, rev / sec
Time period of simple pendulum only depends on : Mass of bob, Length of pendulum, Amplitude of vibration, Size of bob
Position vector of a point P(a,b,c) in YZ plane is given by : r = ai +bj, r= ai+ck, r = bj + ck, r = ai +bj +ck
The unit of entropy is : JK, K/j, J/K2, J/K
newer system of fibre optic signals are regerneted by placing repeaters which may be separated by as much as : 30 km , 50 km , 100 km , 500 km
Mathematically unit vector is given by : A = AA, A = A/A, A = A/A, A = A.A
Longitude waves do not exhibit : Refraction, reflection, Diffraction, Polarization
Water flows out from a pip at 3 kg /sec and its velocity changes from 5 m /s to zero on striking the wall the force due to water ; 3 N, 5 N, 10 N, 15 N
10 waves pass through the medium in one sec with speed of 10 m/s the wavelength of waves is : 1 m, 10 m, 20 m, 100 m
Si unit of pressure is : N -m2, N2-m, N - m-2, N-2 - m
The mathematical relation V2 =? 2g(h2 - h1) is known as : equation of continuity, Bernoullis equation, Torricellis theorem, Ventri relation
Power can define as product of : Force and displacement, force and velocity, Force and time , Force and mass
The effective path difference between two reflected beams in x-rays diffraction by crystals is : d sin o, 2 d sin 0, d sin(0/2), d sin 2 0