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It is applied to rubber plant to stimulate flow of latex Abscisic acid, Gibberellins, Ethene, Auxin
Which one produced in excess then leads to abnormal development called acromegaly : TSH, ACTH, MSH, STH
Polhydroxy butyrate is called : Antithrombine, Nutra sweet, biodegradable plastic, Luciferin
Individual with Klinefelters syndrome have sex chromosome as following : XO, Xxo, XXY, XXXy
major homeostatic function of liver is storage of : Bile , Cholesterol, Urea, Iron
Sometimes are formed and organized by : Ectoderm, Mesoderm, Endoderm, Blasterm
It is not fossilized fuel : Lignite, Peat, Natural gas, Oil
Essay on the principal of population was published by : Darwin, Wallace, Linnaeus, Malthus
Crustacean with a spiny projection on these planktonic creature help to keep them from sinking : Porpois, Whale, Copepod, Bobcat
Bat do not regular body temperature in narrow range is : Endotherm, Homeotherm, Heterotherm, Poikilotherm
Ovovivuiparity is shown by : Reptile, Birds, Duck bill platypus, Human
A succulent plant have water stored in tissue : Cacti, Moss, Yarrow, Spruce
A gene start with initiation codon which encodes the amino acid methionine : UAA, UAG, AUG, UGG
Bobbed gene in Drosophila is present on : X chromosome, Y chromosome, Both x & y, Autosome
A bone which connects scapula with sternum : Humerus, Ischium, Pubis , Clavcle
Which one secretes liquid to protect and nourish sperm cell : Corpus luteum, Sertoli cells, Placenta, Epididymis
Action of venus fly trap is an example of : Nyctinasty, Hyponasty, Hyponasty, Photonasty
Fishes retain which of these chemical to be protected again urea : Allantoin, Creatine, Xanthine, Trimethylamine
Glomerulus circulates blood through capsule as it arrives through : Vasa reacta, Peritubular capillaries, Afferent Arteriole, Efferent arteriole
Which of these are long cylindrical and exist as bundle caps : Sclereids, Vessels, Trachea, tracheids
Leaves go to sleep position when turgor pressure decrease on low side of : Pelvis, Pulvinus, Callus, Pubis
Which is not stimulus to release to release oxytocin : Distension, decrease in progesterone level, Neural stimulus during parturition, High level of Ca+
Rodents respond to alarm calls by other in their group in an example of behaviour termed as : Imprinting, Habituation, Conditioning, Latent learning
Example of day neutral plant is : Tomato, Soya-bean, Xanthine, Chrysanthemum
Corpus leteum secretes a hormone called FSH, LH, Progesterone, Estogen
Cork Cambium is the example of : Lateral meristem, Apical meristem, Intercalary meristem, bud primordia
Supporting role in Dna repulaction is played by an enzyme called RNA polymerase, Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetase, DNA polymerase III, DNA polymerase I
Synapsis occurs during : Leptotene, Zygotene, Pachytene, Diplotene
Novel phenotype of 4 O clock plant flower is an example of : Complete dominance, Codominance, Over domince, Incomplete domince
A balloon catheter is used to treat a problem of : SCID, Hypercholesterrolrmia , Cystic fibrosis, Closed artery
Endosymbiont hypothesis was proposed by : Cuvier, Lyell, Margulis, Malthus
Who proposed the term ecosystem called : Haeckel, Grinnell, Linnaeus, Larmarck
Chilas has major terrestrial ecosystem called : Deciduous forest, Alpine forest, Tundra, Grassland
Which one destroy ozone molecule in ozone layer : Sulphur, Lead, Carbon monooxide, Chlorine