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A collection of raw fact and figure is called : File, Data, Processing, Information
Create command is used to create : Table, Report, Query, Form
Which is not included in the definition of entity : Person, Object, Concept, Action
In 3NF which form of dependency is removed : Functional, Non-Functional, Associative, Transitive
The column of a table correspond to : Table, Record, Field, Cell
The data in tables is entered in : Design view, Normal view, Data sheet view, Layout view
Computer program is also known as : Procedure, Software, Hardware, Algorithm
The number of digit after decimal point is called : Significance, Precision, Range, Scope
Format specifier is started with symbol : ?, #, %, @
Another term for conditional operator is : Iteration, Byte, Ternary, Binary
The call label ends with : End select, End call, Break, Call else
A file is stored in : RAM, ROM, Hard disk , Cache
The Scope of variable refers to its : Length, Name, Accessibility, Data type
Each statement of C -programs end with : ,, ;, :, }
One execution of instruction : Cycle, Iteration, Scope, Repletion
Visual basic is product of : IBM, Microsoft, Sun system
In VB statement Form Caption = "Hello" Formal represent : Event , Property, Object, Method
Variables name cannot start with : Digital, Underscore, Upper all letter, Lower call letter
Which of the following is not a valid data type in vb : Integer, Real, Currency, String
Another term used for decision making is : Sequential, Selection, Repetition, Iteration
Division by zero(i.e 2/0) is an example of : Compiler error, Run time error, Logical error, Syntax error
Which of the following is a form method : load, Activate, Cls, Initialize
Method characterized an object : Appearance, value, style, Behaviour
A loop within a loop is called : Nested loop, Complex Loop, outer loop, Infinite loop