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Unit of Planks constant is : Volt, J.S, J.s-1, e.V
For holography we use a beam of : Alpha -rays, Bata -rays, Gamma -rays, Laser
The brightness of the sport on CRO screen is controlled : Anodes, Cathode, Grid, Plates
By emitting Bata particle and gamma particle simultaneously the nucleus changes its charge by : Losses by 1, Increase by 1, Increase by 2, No change will be observed
Power dissipation in a pure capacitance circuit is : infinite, Zero, Minimum, Maximum
Which of the following are elementary particles : proton, Neutron, Photons, Mesons
One henry is equal to : VS-1 A, N.mA-1, V-1.S.A, V.S.A-1
The force experience by unit positive charge places at a point in an electric field is called : Coulomb Force, Faraday force, Lorantzs force, Electric field intensity
In compton Scattering the compton shift ? ? will be equal to compton wavelength, if the scattering angle is : Zero, 45°, 60°, 90°
Which of the following series of H-Spectrum lies in ultraviolet region : Lyman series, Balmer series, Paschen series, Bracket series
Reciprocal of bulk modulus is : Elastcity, Young modulus, Compressibility, Shear modules
The relation for maximum value of deflecting couple is given by : t = B/NIA, t = BINA, t =BNA, t =BNA sin 0
To construct a step down transformed : Ns<Np, Np <Ns, Ns = Np, Ns.Np =1
For non inverting amplifier if R1 = 00ohm and R2 = 0 ohm the again of amplifier is : -1, Zero, 1, Infinite
Curi temperature for iron is : 0 k, 570 k, 1023 k, 378 k
The word "Zerography" means : Writing by left hand, Writing by children, Dry writing, Writing by water colour
The substance in which the atoms do not form magnetic dipole are called : Ferromagnetic, Paramagnetic, Diamagnetic, Conductor
When platinum wire is heated then it becomes ---------------------at temperature about 1600° C : White, Yellow, Green, Dull red
A wire of resistance R is cut into two equal parts its resistance become R/2 what happens to resistivity : Double, Same, Half, One fourth
Production of x-rays is reserved process of : Compton effect, Pair production, Photo electric effect, Annihilation of matter
Pure choke consumes : Minimum power, Maximum power, No Power, Average Power
Neutron was discovered in 1932 by : Bohr, Chadwick, Dirac, Fermi
The mutual induction Between Two coiled depends upon : Area of the coils, Number of the turns, Distance between force, All Of These
Presence of dielectric always : Increase the electrostatic force, Decrease the electrostatic force, Does not affect the electstatic
An expression for current gain of a transistor is given by : Bata =IB/Ic, Bata =Ib +Ic, Bata Ic - I b, Bata = Ic/Ib
The number of electrons emitted depend upon : Colour of Target surface, Shapes of the surface, Frequency of incident light, Intensity of incident
In modulation low frequency signal is known as : Loaded signal, Fluctuated signal, Harmonic signal, Modulation signal
In liquids and gases the current is due to motion of : Negative charges, Positive charges, Neutral particles, Both negative and positive charges
If we make the magnetic field strong the value of induced current is : Decreased, Increased, Vanished, Kept constant
The anode in the cathode rays oscilloscope : Control number of waves, Control brightness of spot formed , Accelerates and focus the beam, At neg
Substance which break just after the elastic limit is reached are called : Ductile substance, Hard substance, Soft Substance, Brittle substance
Type of quarks are : 4, 6, 8, 10
A capacitor is perfect insulator for : Alternating current, Direct current, Both A & B, None Of These