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RAM hold the data / instruction : Temporary, Permanent, HDD, Cell
Which of the following is a top-level domain http, com, HTML, URL
Trojan horse is a : Antivirus, Virus, Software, Hardware
Laser printer is an example of : Non-impact, inkjet, Impact, Dot matrix
The following component of CPU is responsible for comparing the contents of two piece of data : ALU, Control unit, Memory , Register
There are ---------type of accumulative register : two, three, four, six
A network that transmits data over citywide distance faster then LAN : WAN, LAN, MAN, NAN
Which of the following contains the administrative tools : Control Panel , Start Button, Internet Explorer, Recycle bin
Most application of robotics are in which area : Cooking , Manufacturing, Teaching, Farming
The physical layout of LAN is known as : Topology, Session, Link, Connector
One of the following is not included in document management system : Word processing, Desktop publishing, Reprographic, E-shopping
All of the following are element of data communication system excepts : SENDER, Receiver, Medium, Voltage
The output of compiler is called : Program, Source code, Linked code, Object code
the piece of hardware that permanently hold data and programs is called : Primary storage, CPU, Secondary storage, Output
Memory is made up of : Set of wires, Set of circuits, Cells, BIOS
Which of the following is the most devastating loss to a company : Loss of hardware, Loss of data, Loss of Ram, Loss of printouts
How many characters ASCII 7-bit code can represent : 128, 256, 500, 364