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The anode in the CRO is : Control no of waves, Control brightness of spot formed , Accelerates and focus the beam, At negativ
Which one of the following requires a material medium for their progation : Heat waves , X-rays, Sound waves, Ultraviolet rays
Electric current produces magnetic field was suggested : Faraday, Oersted, Henry, Lenz
A potential barrier of 0.7 volt exist across p-n junction made from : Silicon, Germanium, Indium, Gallium
Presence of dielectric always : Increase the electrostatic force, Reduces the electrostatic force, Does not affect the electstatic f
In pure resistive AC circuit instanteous value of voltage or current : Current lags behind voltage, Current leads voltage by ?/2, Both are in phase, Voltage leads current
The radius of atom is of the order of : 10 ^10m, 10 ^-10m, 10^-14m, 10 ^10m
in 1905 the special theory of relativity was proposed by : Maxwell, de-Broglie, Bohr, Einstein
The number of proton in an atom are always equal to number of : Electrons, Neutron, Positron, Mesons
The electric field created by positive charge is : Radially outward, Radially inward, Circular , Zero
The highest value reached by voltage or current in one cycle is called : Peak to peak value, Peak value, Instantaneous value, Root mean square value
Which of the following series lies in the ultraviolet region : Lyman series, Balmer series, Pfund series, Bracket series
The radio of applied stress to volumetric strain is called : Youngs modules, Shear modulus, Bulk modulus, Tensile modulus
Conversion of AC into DC is called : Modulation, Amplification, Oscillation, Rectification
The torque on cement carrying coil is : t = NIAB Cos Alpha, t = BIL Sin Alpha, t = NIAB sin Alpha, t = BIL Cos Alpha
The direction of induced current is always so as to oppose the charge which cause the current is : Faraday Law, Lenzs Law, Ohms Law, Kirchhoffs 1st rule
Tolerance for Silver band is : 0.1, 0.15, 0.2, 0.25
The device which allows only the continuous flow of an AC through circuit : Capacitor, Inductor, DC motor, Battery
A pair of quark and antiquark makes : Meson, Baryon, Photon, Proton
When a P-N junction is reverse biased the depletion region : Widened, Narrowed, Normal, No change
For the computation electric flux the surface area should be : Flat, Curved, Inclined , Spherical
If the motor is overloaded then the magnitude of back emf : Increase, Decrease, Constant, Become zero
When a stress changes the shapes of the body it is called : Volumetric stress, Shear Stress, Tensile stress, Compressional stress
The graphical representation of Ohms law is : Hyperbola, Ellipse, Parabola, Straight line
Which of the following Have no charge : Alpha -rays, Bata -rays, Gamma -rays, Cathode line
A position is an antiparticle of : Proton, Electron, Neutron, Photon
When a small resistance is connected parallel to the galvanometer the resulting is : Voltmeter, Wheatstone bridge, Ammeter, Potentiometer
The momentum of he moving Photon is : Zero, P = h?, P = h/?, P = ?/h
One weber is equal to : NA-1, Nm-1A, NmA-1, Nm-1A-1
The central region of a transistor is called : Base, Emitter, Collector, Neutron
SI unit of electric flux is : N-mC-2, N-m-2C-1, N-mC-2, N-C-2m-2
A high frequency the current though a capacitor of AC circuit will be : Large, Small, Infinite, Zero
Joule -second is the unit of : Energy, Heat, Planks constant, Work
Which one of the following is not present in AC generator : Armature, Magnet, Slip ring, Commutator