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use of living organism system or processes in manufacturing and service industries by branch called : Social biology, Human biology, Biotechnology, Marine biology
The covalent bound between two monosaccharide is called : Glycosidic bound, Peptide bound, Ester bond, Hydrogen bond
The optimum pH of pepsin in : 2, 4, 6, 8
Cell theory was finally formulated by : Watson and Crick, Scheiden and Schwann, Lorenz , Louis Pasteur
Order include related : Families, Genera, Species, Classes
Bacteria increase in number by asexual mean of reproduction : Binary fission, Budding, Regeneration, Multipal fission
Entamoba histolytica cause amoebic : Cholera , Fever, Dysentery, Migrine
Parasitic fungi directly absorb the nutrient from the living host cytoplasm by : Haustoria, Roots, Rhizoids, Gameangia
Microspore of seed plants that contain micro gametophyte included gametes is called : Seed, Ovule, Pollen gain, Flower
In molluscs a blue coloured respiratory pigment is : Haemoglobin, Haemoerthyrin, Haemocyanin, Prothrombin
Enterobius Vericularies is commonly called : shipworms, Hookworms, Bookworms, Pinworms
First step inKrebs Cycle is the union of acetyl CoA with oxaloacetate to form : Isocitrate, a-ketoglutarate, Citrate, Malate
The process by which pH gradient across membrane drives the formation of ATP is called : Photosynthesis, Chemiomosis , Photorespiration, Calvin cycle
If absorption of water and salt does not take place due to infection cause a condition called : Cholera , Constipation, Dyspepsia, Diarrhoea
When oxygen tension is 115 mm mercury then haemoglobin saturation is : 1, 0.98, 0.78, 0.68
The total transpiration take place through cuticle is : 5-7 %, 1-7 %, 5-8 %, 2-5 %
The condition cause narrowing and hardening of arteries is called : Atherosclerosis, Necrosis, Sclerosis, Apoptosis
The study of tissue is called : Anatomy, Histology, Palaeontology, Physiology
Starches with iodine give colour : Blue, Red, Green, Yellow
The optimum ph for enzyme arginase is : 2, 9.5, 7.6, 9.7
De.Duve discovered the cell organelle : Mitochondrial, Lysosomes, Ribosomes, Chloroplast
Temperature phage may exist as : Prophage, Capsid, Virioid, Retrovirus
Mesosomes are internal extension of the : Cell wall, Cell Membrane, Chromatin body, Capsule
Algae in which body is differentiated into blafes stripes and bold fast belong to : Golden algae, Diatoms, Brown algae, Green algae
Which of the following structure are associated with asexual reproduction in fungi : Ascospores, Conidia, Zygospores, Basidiospores
the double fertilization is the characteristic feature of : Gymnosperms, Angiosperm, Bryophytes, Pteridophytes
The asexual reproduction in sponges is : Fragmentation, Multiple fission, Binary fission, Budding
The cartilaginous fishes contain scale : Placoid, Cycloid, ganoid, Ctenoid
Synthesis of ATP in the presence of oxygen is called : Oxidative phosphorylation, photophosphorylation, Chemiosmosis, Fermentation
The first action spectrum was obtained by German Biologist T.W. Engelmann in : 1883, 1938, 1898, 1876
An Organism that lives upon or within another organism is called : Predator, Pest, Parasite, Host
Haemoglobin in man increase the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood to about : 75 Times, 50 Times, 60 Times, 100 Times
Hydathodes are associated with : Transpiration, Conduction, Translocation, Guttation
Attraction between water-water molecules in xylem tissues is called : Tension, adhesion, Cohesion, Imbibition