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The fly-by-wire system is used : Medical field, Business field, Education field, Airline
Which of the following service is provided by internet : WWW, FTP, E-mail, All
Which memory is used to increase the processing speed of computer : RAM, ROM, Cache memory, SRAM
Which of the following is an impact printer : Dot Matrix Printer, Daisy wheel printer, Line printer , All
Computer based weather forecasting depends on accurate collection of data from : Television, Weather station, Radar, Antenna
Which components of computer is responsible for comparing the contents of two piece of data : A.L.U, Control unit, Memory, None
Which one connect two similar network segments : Router, Bridge, Gateway, Node
By default windows save the documents created in Ms-word in the folder : My Document, Recycle bin, My Computer, Window explorer
Software that is used to detect and remove the viruses from the computer is called : Pirated software, Ant-virus, Trojan horse, Virus
Which of the following protocols is used to access internet : Ethernet, ARC net, TCP/IP, DSL
Virus are transferred from one computer to another due to : Exchange data and program, Exchange of display screen , Dust in room, High temperature of room
Analog signal is measured in : Volt, Hertz, Digits, Watts
Which one is faster : RAM, Cache Memory, Register, Hard disk
Which of the following device is used to receive the sound output : Plotters, Microphone, Speaker, Monitor
The components of computer that is used to receive the sound output : Register, I/O Unit, Bus interconnection, CPU
A data bus with 32 lines can transfer which data at a time : 32 bits, 32 bytes, 4 bytes, Both A &C
Which of the following device is used the parallel transmission : Mouse, Keyboard, Printer, Light pen