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If the medium between the charges is not free space then electrostatic force will : Increase, Decrease, Remain same, None Of These
A particle carrying a charge of 2 e fall through potential difference of 3 v energy acquired by it is : 9.6 x 10-16 J, 9.6 x 10 -20J, 9.6 x 10 -15, 9.6 x 10 -19 J
The substance having negative temperature co-efficient is : Carbon, Iron, Tungsten, Gold
The SI unit of magnetic induction tesla is equal to : NA-1M-1, Nam-1, NA-1m, NA-2m-1
Cathode rays oscilloscope work by deflecting a beam of : Neutron, Protons, Electrons, Position
The most common source of an Ac voltage is : Motor, Cell, Generator, Position
Lenzs law is in accordance with the law of conversation of : Momentum, Charge, Angular momentum, Energy
The basic circuit element in AC circuit which control current : Resistor only, Capacitor only, Inductor only, All Of These
At resonance frequency the impedance RLC series circuit is : zero, Minimum, Maximum, Moderate
The ability of a body to return to its original shape is called : Strain, Stress, Elasticity, Plasticity
The output voltage of a rectifier is : Smooth, Pulsating, Perfectly, Alternating
A light emitting diode (LED) emits light only when : Reverse biased, Forward biased, Unibiased, None Of These
Joule -second is the unit of : Energy, Weins constant, Plancks constant, Boyles law
Energy of the 4th orbit in hydrogen atom is : -2.51, -3.5, -13.6, -0.85
Life time of meta stable state is : 10^-5 S, 10^-3 S, 10^-8 S, 10^-2 S
The charge on B- particle is : positive e, minus e, positive 2e, None Of These
Which one belong to laptons group : Electronic banking, Muons, Neutrinos, All Of These
equation ? =E.A is application to a surface : Spherical , Cylindrical, Conical, Flat
The amount of energy acquired or lost by an alpha particle as it moves through P.d of 1 V is : 3.2 x 10 -19 J, 6.4 x 10 -19 J, 1.6 x 10 -19 J, zero
Resistivity at given temperature depends upon : Area of cross section, Length, Nature of material of conductor, Both length and area
Grid in cathode ray oscilloscope control : Number of electron, Temperature of filament, Frequency of electron, Energy of electron
Sensitivity of a galvanometer can be increase by : Decreasing the value of torsional couple, Decreasing number of turns, Decreasing area of plane of co
If magnetic field is doubled then magnetic energy density become : 4 times, 2 times, 3 times, 6 times
The inductance can be increase by winding the wire around a core made of : Copper, Silicon, Iron, Aluminium
The impedance of RLC series circuit at resonance is given by : Z = ?R2 + (X base l - X base c) ^2, Z = ?R2 + X base l^2, Z=R, Z = ?R2 + x base c ^2
The capacitive reactance to pure D.C is : Zero, Infinite, Variable, Equal to inductive reactance
Which of the following has the least hysteresis loop area : Steel, Wrought iron, Soft iron, Cobalt
Which factor does not affect the conductivity of PN junction diode : Doping, Temperature, Voltage, Pressure
The base in transistor is of the order of : 10 -6m, 10-4m, 10-3m, 10-1m
Which light photon has the least momentum : Red, Blue, Yellow, Green
Which is not true for x -rays : X-rays are not defected by electric field, X-rays are polarized, X-rays consist of electromagnetic b
Number of electron emitted in photoelectric effect depends upon : Intensity of incident light, Frequency of incident light, Energy of incident light, Wavelength of i
Which is true for both a particles and y -rays : They cause ionization in air, They can be deflected by elected field, They can be deflected by mag
Mass of meson is : Greater then proton, Less the proton, Equal to proton, Equal to neutron