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The manipulated and processed data is called : Data, Information, Object, Instance
Insert command is used to insert : New table, New Record, View, Dependencies
Which of the following is used to associate entities with one another : Entity, Attribute, Identifier, Relationship
in 3NF which form of dependency is removed : Functional, Non-Functional, Associative, Transitive
A database consists of various components called : Tools, Properties, Entities, Object
How many tables view are available in Microsoft access : 4, 3, 1, 2
A form within another form is called : Sub form, Main form , Multi form, inner form
Variables are created in : Ram , Rom, Hard disk , Cache
Which of the following is not valid identifier : Return, My int, My integer, Total 3
Which of the following function is used to input data in c programms: Scanf, Printf, Get, Sqrt
An ampersand & before the name of a variable denotes : Actual value, Variable name, Address, Data type
Another term for computer making a decision is : Sequential, Selection, Repetition, Iteration
Relational operator allows us to ----------number : Compare, Add, Multiply, Divide
One execution of a loop is known as a (n) : cycle, Duration, iteration, Test
In which loop the condition comes after the body of the loop : while loop, Do-while loop, For loop, Both b and c
Function prototype for built-in functions are specified in : Source file, Header file, object file, Image file
A file is stored in : Ram , Rom, Hard disk , Cache
How many possible Solution are there for problem : 1, 2, 3, Multiple
In Visual Basic a form is another name for a (n) : Window, Object, Property, Label
The naming prefix for a label control is : lbl, lab, lbe, l
You can enter data in a control only when it has : Tab order, Mask, Focus, Control
How many bytes are occupied by integer data type in visual Basic : 4, 2, 6, 8
The default message box style is : ok/Only, Yes/NO, Yes/No/Cancel, Retry/Cancel
A statement block can consist of how many lines : 0, 2, Unlimited, At most 255
In visual Basic, which keyword indicates the end of a decision structure : NEXT, END IF, END, ELSE
The loop which never ends is called : Running loop, Infinite loop, Continuous loop, Endless loop
The increment in a for --------Next loop can be : Positive only, Negative only, Both A & B, None Of These