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The value of Coulombs constant ( K) in SI unit is : 9×109 N·m2C-2, 9×109 NC2m-2, 9×109 N-1·m2C2, 9×109 N·m2C2
Which one of the following can be taken as measure of electric field intensity : F/A, Pie/A, qA/Eo, Pie eo/A
Specific resistance of a material depends upon : Length, Area, Temperature, Both A and B
1 tesla is equal : 1 NmA-1, 1 Nm-1A-1, 1 Nm-1, 1 Nm-2A-1
The brightness of the sport on CRO screen is controlled : Anode, Cathode, Grid, Deflecting Plates
The winding of the electromagnet in motor are usually : Magnetic coiled, Field coils, Electric coil, Electric-o-electric coiled
The mutual induction plays role in : Generator, Galvanometer, Transfer, D C Motor
The velocity of an oscillating charge as it moves to and fro along a wire is : Changing, Constant, Infinite, Zero
Choke consumers extremely small : Current, Charge, Power, Potential
Which one belongs to accepter impurtial : Arsenic, phosphorus, Boron, gallium, Antimony, Indium, Arsenic, antimony
Potential difference across two terminal of silicon diode at 300 k is : 0.3 V, 0.7 V, 0.9 V, 1.2 V
The thickness of based in transistor is of the order of : 10^-3 m, 10^-9 m, 10^-6 m, 10^-6 m
Potassium cathode in photocell emit electron for a light : Visible, Infra-red, Ultra violet, X-rays
The rest mass energy of an electron position pair is : 0.51 Mev, 1.02 Mev, 1.2 Mev, 1.00 Mev
Production of x-rays is reserved process of : Photo-electric effect, Compoton effect, Annihilstion, Pair production
Two down and one up quark make : Proton, Neutron, Photon, Position
Which particle has larger range in air : alpha -Particle, Beta -Particle, Gamma -Particle, Neutron
The concept of an electric field lines is introduced by : Coulomb, Faraday, Einstein, Joseph henry
two opposite point charge of same magnitude separated by distance by 2 delectric potential mid -way between them is : 1 V, 2 V, 0, V/2
If the resistance of 500 ? have fourth band of silver colour then its upper maximum resistance will be : 600 ?, 550 ?, 450 ?, 400 ?
The S.I unit of magnetic flux is given by : NmA-1, NA-1M-1, Nm2A-1, Nm-1A
IF the number of turns become double but length remains same the magnetic field in the solenoid become : Half, Double, Remain same, 0
Commutator was invented in : 1736, 1834, 1935, 1885
The working principle of transform is : Self induction, Faradays law, Mutual induction, Electromagnet induction
The frequency of A C Source used in Pakistan is : 50 Hz, 60 Hz, 45 Hz, 70 Hz
In a pure inductive A C circuit the current : Lags behind voltage by 90°, Leads the voltage by 90°, In phase with voltage, Leads the voltage by
Which one of the following is crystalline solid : Zirconic, Glassy solid, Natural rubber, Polystyrene
Light emitting diodes LED are made from semiconductor : Silicon, Germanium, Carbon, Gallium arsenide
The open loop gain of the amplifier is order of : 10 ^ 2, 10 ^ 8, 10 ^ 5, 10 ^ 12
The value of Wiens constant is : 2.9 x 10-3 mK, 2.9 x 10+3 mK, 5.67 x 10-8 mK, 5.67 x 10-8wm-2K-2
Einstein was awarded Nobel Prize In Physic in : 1905, 1911, 1918, 1921
In Helium Neon laser discharge tube is filled with Neon Gas : 0.1, 0.15, 0.85, 0.9
The number of isotopes of caesium are : 4, 32, 36, 22
Binding energy for deuteron nucleus is given by : 2.8 Mev, 2.23 Mev, 2.28 Mev, 2.25 Mev