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Which quantity X is calculated using this equation? X = change in velocity / time taken acceleration, average velocity, distance travelled, speed
Which relationship defines gravitational field strength? mass x 10, mass x weight, mass / weight, weight / mass
Which is a statement of Newton’s third law of motion? Every force causes a reaction., If there is no resultant force on a body then there is no accelerat
When a nucleus of Uranium-235 absorbs a neutron, nuclear fission occurs. In a typical reaction the total mass decreases by 3 x 10–28 kg.Given that the speed of light c is 3 x 108 m / s, approximately how much energy is released? 9 x 10–20 J, 2 x 10–13 J, 3 x 10–11 J, 3 x 10–5 J
Which represents the main energy changes that take place in a coal-fired power station? chemical ? heat ? kinetic ? electrical, chemical ? heat ? light ? electrical, chemical ? kinetic ?
A substance consists of particles that are close together and moving past each other at random. The average speed of the particles is gradually increasing What best describes the substance? a liquid being boiled to form a gas, a liquid being heated, a solid being heated, a solid being m
End X of a metal rod attracts the N-pole of a compass needle. What does this show about the rod? It could be made of copper but is not permanently magnetised. , It could be made of copper with a S
A step-down transformer changes 240 V a.c. to 12 V a.c. There are 600 turns on the primary coil. How many turns are on the secondary coil? 20, 30, 600, 12000
Why are high voltages and low currents used to transmit electrical energy over long distances? to increase the electromagnetic radiation, to increase the speed at which electrons move, to reduce